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When did I become an adult? I am not sure if I am okay with this. Working hours? Ew. At least it is an easier schedule than Baldr's schedule.

Doug, if you read this. I am returning the German book for another one. Plus, rosetta stone? I'll pay you in the usual way of reese cups.
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So. I think it is time for me to return to my family home in Ohio and see how much the dust has taken over. It has been a little over two years since the last time I went there. I was going to take the plane, but frankly I don't want to get there to quickly so rode trip it is.

Who wants to go and see where Tandy Bowen grew up? Any takers? Molly? Julian?
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Well today was certainly an interesting day. I decided to not tell my Uncle I am back until today, low and behold it is Easter. I think I gave him a heart attack. My Uncle is a Catholic Priest so it was a little weird to come back home on Easter. I really didn't think this through.

Also, Hi. I am Tandy Bowen. My super awesome buddy, Molly already explained where we were for the past few year...err months. Also how do you tell your uncle that you lived among gods? He doesn't believe me.
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Leaving Christmas shopping to the last second is not fun. Also, um. Can someone pick me up? I may have skidded my car into someone's fence. kthxbye
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The Halloween costumes have arrived! *insert evil laughter here*
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I am taking request, if you like me to get you something overseas let me know! I am going to be mailing back the packages as trying to stuff them in my suitcase is not realistic.
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It has come to my attention that some people have been eating the rabbits feet I have left behind. First, to each their own. I am not judging you in the least (maybe a little bit). Second, you do realize that they weren't real right? I went to the dollar store in Salem on Sunday and picked them up. Ten bucks for like 100 of them. They are made out of fake fur and latex to give it the real appearance. Please don't eat them because I don't want you to get sick from poisoning or something.
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TOPAZ! Look what I found! It got recorded!

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So, I forgot that this Friday is the Prom for the Xavier School. Who wants to go with me?
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If you see me with a video camera and I am filming you it is for science....and practice.
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I totally have a new ringtone. (Thanks Drama Class for introducing me to this gem)The words start at 22seconds

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Hello fellow people! The school muscial at Salem High, "Legally Blonde" is performing in three weeks. Thursday April 24th at 7pm, Friday April 25th at 7pm, Saturday April 26th at 11am and 2pm and Sunday April 27th at 11am and 2pm. Tickets are on sale (five dollars) and all the proceeds goes to the Theater Program.

Come see me in my last High School musical. You know you want too!
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You know, normally when you see your English Teacher in boxers it would raise questions. But not every student lives in the same places as their teacher. I have become immune to random weirdness or I just have accepted it as part of my life. Either way, thanks for the food last night Mr G and Mr W
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FINALLY! They have arrived.

Now I don't want to open them.
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Gah! Whoever said the hardest part was applying to colleges is a complete LIAR! It is the waiting. I can't take this waiting game no longer! I'll be in my room eating a bucket full of ice cream with a do not disturb sign.
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Thanks for all the birthday gifts and wishes!

In other news college acceptance letters are supposed to be arriving this month. Sue keeps reminding me.
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According to this I will be working in Wardrobe.
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So the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week started on February 6th and it will continue to the 13th. I have received multiple passes to any of the days. If you like to go just come find me or leave a message.

Maddie & Sue - We are going.
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This years musical is Legally Blonde.


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