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Does anyone have ideas how to get zombie smell off your clothes? It's been almost a week.
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So I have an idea. I saw some buildings just outside DistrictX for sale and I took a look around. It would be a perfect place to set up a food bank/pantry of some sorts. I would like it to cater towards mutant families, especially those who can't just walk up to a grocery store. I do know this is a huge endeavor and I was wondering if anyone here wants to start this plan with me.
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Are coming up again. I have tickets, to all locations. New York, France, Milan, and London. I have quite a few and I don't want anything in return, only that you enjoy yourselves. Also if you are into those after parties, let me know. I have a friend who can get you on the guest list.

New York's starts on September 9th, in case you are wondering.
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I cannot stop watching Moana on Netflix. Someone save me.
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Since summer break has arrived for most of you, my uncle is looking for a few part-timers to help with the shelter. If you are interested, let me know.
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I keep forgetting that for Summer courses they cram several months worth of material into several weeks. Taking two classes, at least one is an Independent Study.
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Uh, so I walked into the Magic Class to get a book from Amanda's desk and I've noticed that there are personal items by each desk (which included a cellphone) and I think I stepped onto one Topaz's army guys ...

No I did. He was still on the bottom of my shoe. I've saw that people were wondering if they saw Amanda and Topaz...

Have they been found?
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My suite is turning into a mini library. I don't know if I should be proud or slightly worried. I am sorry Molly. Think we need more shelves?
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It isn't too late to help out with my uncle's soup kitchen for the holidays. He is always looking for volunteers. Also I have set up a bin outside my room if you want to donate some old warm clothes, hygiene products, ect.
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Home Sweet Home.

Traveling is fun but boy does it bring back bad memories.
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Fashion Week in London is coming to a end tomorrow. The line up was outstanding and I know Adri would be happy with the results. Milan the day after next and in a week I will be in Paris wrapping it up. I will NOT miss the traveling, but I will miss the people. I will just be happy when I don't have to hear stories of my mother. Not a great topic.
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The darkness always seem to come back to me around August. To me it has been 6 years but in reality it has only been only 2 years. His mark is a painful reminder of what I am.

I will be stepping down from my position at Meridian Enterprises at the end of the Fashion Weeks in mid-October. A decision I don't take lightly but I am not that girl anymore.
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It has come to my attention that someone doesn't like the way I talk about how I will be spending the money I inherited. Fuck you. If you have a problem with it come to me about it. Don't vent about it to the journals.

So before you go screaming 1% or some other social injustice I may have just created, maybe you should try to get to know me before judging me because it suits your needs.
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Thinking about buying another property but this time in California. A friend of mine sent me a link to another Castle for sale in the San Bernardino hills for less than 900K. It would be my second castle that I will probably turn into a Bed and Breakfast. The one in France is doing so well, maybe this one would do well as well.
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Fashion Week is still two months away but tickets are already available. New York (September 8 - 15, 2016), London (September 16 - 20, 2016), Milan (September 21 - 27, 2016), and Paris (September 27 – October 5, 2016). If you like to go to one let me know. Once again, airfare and hotels are not included but if you get them now they will be cheap. (Also ask me I know a few good spots that are within budget). Tickets will include being on guest lists for after parties in all locations. Compliments of me.

In other news, I passed all my classes. I always know that learning a new language can be difficult. But nothing will compare to learning Dwarven. Or Goblin.
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I am flying to France for a couple of days. I need to relax. Anyone want in? I am chartering a jet as I cannot deal with airport mess at the moment.
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On February 29th come celebrate my birthday at the Jack O'Latern! Come on people I only have a birthday party on my actual birthday once every four years! It is a reason to celebrate!

Party will be from 7pm to closing. Please come.
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Hello! I know many are planning big dinners here at the mansion (or with their loved ones) but if you want to help out with volunteering at my Uncle's shelter for those who have little, then I invite you to come! Food will also be provided for anyone that helps (we can't let you starve). If you can't make it and still want someway to help, donations are welcomed (not just money but socks, blankets, clothing, canned foods).

We are starting a bin to take in those donations from now till the end of December. I wonder if there will be any objections if I place a bin in the foyer to collect the donations here.

Let me know if you are interested. I am planning on taking a van with volunteers on Thanksgiving day at 8am.
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Third day in Paris and already have free stuff. It is anti-aging cream, I wonder what they are hinting at.
#inparis #finalstop #fasionweek #freestuff
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London done. On my way to Milan. Invited to way too many parties but in reality, I am partied out. I can't keep staying up till 2am each night just to wake up at 5am to do it all over again.

I need a vacation after this.
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